Medicine Bag

Medicine Bag


Wow, these Medicine Bags are incredibly special. Handmade by an Authentic Native American Powhatan Nation Indian. 

Used for the collection of herbs (sage and sweet grass) and sacred stones and shells. These medicine bags are a very private and sacred place to carry your crystals and burning herbs for meditation and are decorated individually as the Great Spirit guides them. 

Made of 100% genuine materials including Cow hide, pipe bone beads, crow trade beads, wood and bone beads, Native American turkey feathers, and gemstones incl Turquoise, Rose Quartz and Amethyst. 

Each medicine bag is unique and incredibly special. If you would like to view these in person, you can find them available in our Hahndorf Store.

If you are looking for ideas with what to store in your Medicine Bag, our Sacred Space Crystal Packs fit nice and snug in these bags and include a Smudge Stick and Crystals.