Sage Smudge Stick ~ Small

Sage Smudge Stick ~ Small


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Cleanse your space and aura with our hand made floral sage smudge sticks. Each stick has been hand made with loving intention and unique, so colours may differ slightly from photo. 

White Sage has been used for centuries for cleansing any space of negative energies. The smoke from burning the sacred sage herb is believed to neutralise the space and energy of our surrounds. 

Each smudge stick is embellished with dried rose petals, lavender and comes with a rough crystal (Rose Quartz, Amethyst or Fluorite). 

Our floral sage smudge sticks make a beautiful and unique gift, especially as a house warming gift.

Length: 5"

Instructions: Light the end of the stick and burn for 20-30 seconds then blow out and fan the smoke. If you don't want to burn in one use, extinguish the stick by butting into sand/dirt. Use the stick only with a fire proof holder.